Imaging, delivery and fees

Since photographic jobs vary in so many ways quoting is only feasible on an individual basis but here is an outline guide for a typical half-day gallery location booking:

To photograph a selection of paintings in oil and drawings and prints under glass. These would normally be placed one after the other on an easel (in approximately similar sized groups) after setting up camera, lights and other equipment in as dark an area of the premises as possible. Black drapes can be used if necessary. The setup/shooting/derig should all be accomplished in three or four hours to leave one to two hours for optimising the images in Photoshop ready for delivery as finished Tiff and Jpeg files.

The half day fee for such a job would be charged at 300 pounds plus expenses and Vat. A full day would be charged at 500 pounds plus expenses and Vat. Since the setup/derig time would be the same as a half-day this enables proportionately more time for shooting.

Please contact Max on 07966 436973 to discuss your requirements.